It is now a familiar ingredient in some health and cosmetic aloe vera juice products widely available in coffee and advertising. Aloe has many applications in the treatment of widespread use in the whole world. Aloe latex is an active laxative. Once it reaches the intestine large, suddenly like a pro-drug. The point is that the hydrolysis of bacterial flora to form metabolic activation.


Aloe gel are reported to be used for the treatment of various skin conditions (burns, abrasions, bruises, herpes etc). Actions have also been reported in aloe vera juice products extract useful for non-insulin dependent diabetics. The aloe gel is obtained by filleting the leaf thick. gel is dark, like gelatin with hair like fiber connector. Aloe gel is considered extra safe, approved by the US FDA for health drinks and cosmetics and skin care products.

Aloe gel also showed anti-inflammatory activity of leukemia exist. It increases the time the contract was injured and low and used in ear infection, etc. Aloe vera juice products used in association with vitamin E, is also able to cause regression of the tumor is formed on mouse skin model.