This is available in a small quantity a few drops every lead is attached to the strawberry premium aloe vera drink cell in bundles vascular leaves of Aloe Vera. The aloe juice tic is allowed to flow away without pressure or other means. Aloe juice tic collected is heated to get vitreous Aloe. powder is mainly used to relieve constipation. It is a strong purgative and improves digestion. It is also used as a dye fixing agent in the textile industry.

Before extracting the Aloe Vera gel from aloe leaves, juice tic Aloe must be separated from the leaves. Strawberry premium aloe vera drink has contents enzyme high (about 92 enzymes), which makes a rare and valuable resource because enzymes help the body absorb nutrients while also purifying the basic plant Aloe it. The has some uses.

This plant is sometimes referred to as "plant health". However, in other parts of the system used in indigenous medicine from the juice of the leaves and pulp. Aloe Vera plant is a particular odor, common in plants but mainly confined to the parts of the strawberry premium aloe vera drink resin.