Wooden aluminum composite materials is used in many applications of doors and windows according to the requirement. Door and window frames have two main panels, such as glass panels and non panes include aluminum, plastic, wood and composites.Tables of uniform density to resist any invasion and fixed in the outer frame, which is either the panel or other material.

 JY-6045 Wood Californian Walnut

Glass panels used mainly in the upper part of the door to allow sunlight into the room and the lower portion is opaque panel material which makes resistance.As per the installation select the ratio of the Wooden aluminum composite materials and if the back door then more of a glass panel is used if a front door is used then more opaque panels.Opaque panels such as aluminum, PVC, wood and composites have their own benefit in terms of the material used.


Double glazed window panel is effective and thus the opaque panels should also be thermally efficient. Aluminum is thermally efficient by introducing a strip to break the thermal conductivity while it is construction.PVC & hardwood is conducts heat from the structure as hard wood, window panel insulates the room well. For complex or GRP (glass reinforced plastic) composed of two non-conductive Wooden aluminum composite materials to insulate well.